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Grease Trap Maintenance Featured

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Grease Trap, Greasetrap, Perangkap Lemak. Grease Trap, Greasetrap, Perangkap Lemak.

Grease traps this is also known as grease interceptors, It is designed to intercept the fat oil and grease ( FOG ’s ) before discharging  water into a waste water disposal treatment. In a supermarket set up the grease trap can be found in Meat section, Chicken section and Seafood section. Grease trap maintenance is one of the most important  role in our daily routine. We need to performed this after closing of the store to eliminate or  minimized clogging of main pipe line. This is to be performed by our employee, it so simple just follow this steps.

1. Pull out any water inside the grease trap to facilitate cleaning, The water should be discharged to sanitary sewer line.

2. Remove Baffles.

3. Scrape the sides , the lid and the baffles using a knife to removed the grease and deposit into a watertight container.

4. Turn over to Maintenance staff for proper disposal. ( DENR EMB Compliance )

5. Clean the baffles and install

6. Record the volume of grease removed and record on a log book.

7. To Maintain the Grease trap properly including the main sewer pipe line, We  need a Bio-Augmentation Program..

Bioaugmentation is a group of natural microbial strains or a genetically engineered variant to treat contaminated soil or water.

The Boiaugmentation Program of  Greasetrap and main sewerline They supply Enzymes and Bacteria and man power services for application.

And in case of problem associated with clogging due to oil fat and grease a telephone number will provide for rapid response.

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